27 September 2013

Chump's in Stitches!

LOOK at this ultra rad embroidered version of Chump-on-a-Bike!
It was created by the talented and charming Amy Sheridan.

Click -SuperVelma- to check-out her other kick ass embroidery.

21 August 2013

Stevil Kinevil taking a Hydration Break.
It's important to stay hydrated at high altitudes.

20 August 2013

Bringing Beer & Bikes to the People

Road Rash in my Eye

New Belgium Brewing brings fat tire love to the skinny tire world of bicycle racing.
This year, the beerdos from Fort Collins gathered an odd-ball assortment of artists, with varying knowledge and interest in bike racing, to experience the USA Pro Challenge first hand, traveling by van, through the Rocky Mountains.

Stevil Kinevil brings a lifetime of intoxicating bike racing knowledge, pranks, shenanigans, and Budweiser.

The friendly New Belgium Beer kidz asked Chump, the famous pedal-pushing curmudgeon monkey, to park his cruiser and hop into the van. Curiously, he gave his seat to 'tooner pal, R. Lootine, who has not been spotted out of his neighborhood in three years.

Artist and bike novice SuperVelma brings clever embroidery and quick wit to the adventure.

We are traveling in the official New Belgium Brewing van, previously home of the carnies during the Tour de Fat. For this 7 day trip, the van is stocked with bikes and cases of beer.

Our skilled driver and surrogate father-figure is the talented ball-paddler and New Belgium man about town, Mr. Bussman.

So, we help give away beer, from the back of a van, in some of the most scenic places in the world.  
Sometimes we blog about stuff. 
Since Residue Comics does not have a twitter account or smartphone, and this blog was set-up as a comics archive, the comics you read here will have been added later, but dated to reflect the time they were conceived (based on notes, scribbles, dribbles, smudges, pains, photos, scrapes, and foggy memories).
No regard will be paid to space or time.
Most accounts are fictional, unless proven otherwise. 

We'll be in the great state of Colorado till the end of the race.

Till next time, stay in the moment, and enjoy analog.

19 August 2013


18 August 2013

Our Guy from New Belgium Brewing

He had "marketing" in his official job title, so I expected the tour guide from New Belgium Brewing to be decked in office casual Friday gear, and overly happy to be away from his cubicle. But Mr. Bussmann proved to be a very interesting guy with admirable skills in paddle ball, juggling, and he's even a graduate of clown school. Pretty cool.

A clown was spotted in Aspen the next day.
Bussmann was pretty happy about that.

Getting There

Bustin' Loose Part Two

06 August 2013

Ball Lickers United

Working on t-shirt design for
a  friendly neighborhood gang.
Finished it with a
pixel party in MS Paint.


This comic strip appears in Residue Comics #7.

15 July 2013

Help Keep Bike Polo Kidz Off the Streets.

-Click image to enlarge-
"Polo Turtle!"
The original artwork is black ink, w/ white correction fluid, over non-photo blue pencil, drawn on heavy-weight acid-free Bristol (9" x 7").
Shown here is a digital scan.

If you would like this polo turtle to grace your wall, you can bid on it Friday, July 19th, at Dangerous Man Brewing in Minneapolis. The fundraiser events begin at 6:30pm. Proceeds from the auction help fund the 2013 North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships, which will be held in Minneapolis later this summer.

12 June 2013

A Classic Design Returns to the Streets.

Customized shirts in-stock at One on One Bicycle Studio in Minneapolis.
Check Alchemist Shirts for the latest Residue Comics designs & availability!

07 June 2013

Making a flyer for monkey shirts.

Using a non-photo blue pencil,  the rough concept is sketched on bristol board.  The margins fill with notes as the idea takes shape.

Pigment Liners, Brush Pens, & Correction  Fluid...
Getting the cursive "z" just right...
Shirt logo added to scanned image. Digital clean-up begins in MS Paint.

Still in MS Paint, playing with color...


06 June 2013

The 'Tooner is "Out."


Chump-on-a-Bike (versions)

Wear Chump-on-a-Bike!
Keep yer Drinks Cool this summer!

23 May 2013

Hang in there.

Loose Sketch on Loose Paper
Early 2013

13 May 2013

You've Come A Long Way, Baby!

"Lavender Lifestyles" was originally published in 1997. 
It appears in Residue Comics #4. This collection is out-of-print, but copies might be found in fine backpacks everywhere, and dusty bookshelves around the world.

Minnesota, home of Residue Comics, Now Recognizes Marriage Equality!

24 March 2013

10 March 2013

Critters on the side...

"Instead of sketchbooks, I've just been doodling on all manner of loose paper." -RL

These Guys.
Look for updates when the shirts hit the streets!

01 February 2013

22 January 2013

Dopey Duck the Duck Huckster™ Spinning in a Wheel Near You (The Stupor Bowl Spoke Card Project)

She was not impressed:

Early Duck Sketches, along with Late-Stage Color Studies w/ markers on b/w Copies:

Breaking from traditional analog values, MS Paint was used to colorize scans of the ink doodles. Pixelated colors lack the intoxicating buzz of marker fumes.

Look for the spoke card pinched into the wheel of a drunk cyclist near you!