23 October 2011

Residue Comics FLASHBACK (1995)

Page from Residue Comics #2, which is currently not available.
Don't worry, kidz! I'll still sell ya some laffs...
Try THIS on for size!

Breaking into the 1990s one pixel at a time...

The Residue Comics studio is crowded with piles of paper, much of it in boxes, some in sketchbooks. But more are notes, doodles, ideas, jokes, and clippings, years old, floating on tabletops, or tucked in corners, hoping to be discovered, maybe even developed into a comic strip some day.

Digital Debut! I periodically sort through the piles, organizing the loose pieces of paper in a way that only I can decode. I usually do this when I move. But I recently got a scanner, another reason to sort the stacks again. To get cozy with the technology, I will be scanning pages from old issues of Residue Comics collections, pages from sketchbooks, and the occasional doodle from the margins. So, expect to see more of the analog world of Residue Comics dancing its way into yer laptop.

New (again)! Although many of my older comic strips were previously published, few were seen outside the reach of the neighborhood publication where they first appeared. Others were squeezed to the size of a postage stamp to make room for last-minute ad sales, a common sacrifice in small publishing. A handful made their way into Residue Comics collections, published with money from my day jobs, distributed by bicycle and the US post office.

I'll still post NEW Residue Comics strips when my inner editor says they are ready to be seen.

If you're an old fan of the analog Residue Comics, I hope you get some new laughs, and revisit some old ones. If you're new to Residue Comics, enjoy the ride.

All the best,
R. Lootine

Special thanks to Steve Stwalley, founding member of the Minneapolis cell of The International Cartoonist Conspiracy, and creator of the awesome comic Soapy The Chicken, for donating the scanner to my hapless cause.