12 June 2013

A Classic Design Returns to the Streets.

Customized shirts in-stock at One on One Bicycle Studio in Minneapolis.
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07 June 2013

Making a flyer for monkey shirts.

Using a non-photo blue pencil,  the rough concept is sketched on bristol board.  The margins fill with notes as the idea takes shape.

Pigment Liners, Brush Pens, & Correction  Fluid...
Getting the cursive "z" just right...
Shirt logo added to scanned image. Digital clean-up begins in MS Paint.

Still in MS Paint, playing with color...


06 June 2013

The 'Tooner is "Out."


Chump-on-a-Bike (versions)

Wear Chump-on-a-Bike!
Keep yer Drinks Cool this summer!