19 April 2009

Free your mind and your bike will follow.

Hope your Bicycle Day is full of freedom and free of flats.
  Bicycle Day celebrates the greatest way to travel, but has its origins in another type of trip.

For a short time in the mid-20th century, it looked like Science™ would finally bottle the tools that nature had been providing for millennia with psilocybin mushrooms and other psychotropic plants.
  Albert Hofmann synthesized LSD-25, in his lab on April 16, 1943. But, he pedaled into bike history on April 19 when he intentionally ingested 250ug LSD and, with help from his lab assistant, rode his bicycle home.  He expressed concern over some elements of 60s counter-culture, which is sometimes blamed for undermining the drug's scientific value. Dr. Hofmann believed LSD was most important for exploring “humanity's oneness with nature.”
   In the 50s and 60s, many psychiatrists considered LSD a miracle drug that could control schizophrenia, and reduce anxiety in terminally ill patients.
  Even Bill W, founder of AA, viewed tripping as an important spiritual tool for liberating one from alcoholism.
  Unfortunately, the US government didn’t see much use for LSD, except its potential for controlling individuals or crowds. This dubious intent sparked a federal research program, code-named MK-Ultra, which included dosing unwitting subjects.
  Ultimately, LSD was deemed a threat to the status quo, and The Man outlawed it. So, you risk jail time if you celebrate Bicycle Day under the canopy of enlightenment as Hofmann did in 1943. But it wouldn't hurt to try anyway.

Have a nice trip. It's just a ride...

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